Who: Developers, coders, and information specialists from the UC (including CDL) who work on the technical aspects of library projects, are interested in doing so, or otherwise are excited about collaborating with the CDL on development of services and infrastructure.

What: Two days of collaboration, sharing, hacking, and brainstorming, with a focus on data curation centric projects for the UC. Based on the unconference model (for an example, see THATCamp).

Why: Collaboration, fun, insights, and improvements to UC services.

When and Where: August 27-28, 2014 in Oakland, CA. See Logistics.

How to participate: Register here (free)

  Form a community of developers within the UC.
  Develop a of projects to work on as a community (system-wide or otherwise).
  Understanding of what’s going on on each campus.
  Explore potential for sharing services.

Co-sponsored by the UC3 at CDL and the UC Libraries Strategic Action Group 1